528 Custom Vape Goon V1.5 RDA

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528 Custom Vape Goon V1.5 RDAThe GOON V1.5 RDA by 528 Custom is the refreshed, rivalry prepared release of the stunning and unique GOON RDA, actualizi..

528 Custom Vape Goon V1.5 RDA

The GOON V1.5 RDA by 528 Custom is the refreshed, rivalry prepared release of the stunning and unique GOON RDA, actualizing minor yet affecting changes with the vertical and flat development of the construct deck and coordinating a double opened cyclops side wind stream. Keeping up the 24mm measurement of the OG GOON, the GOON V1.5 conveys another outside outline with a notorious GOON inscriptions and streamlined plan component, completely built with vacuum-plated Stainless Steel. Inside, the 528 Custom's GOON 1.5's form deck has been developed for use with unpredictable and requesting curl arrangements, with the arrival of the vintage two-post outline with cinch component. Loop leads are put on the level 8mm by 4mm surface zone of the extension posts and the cinch itself, top-anchored through Phillips-screws or Flathead screws for extraordinary usefulness while multiplying down with execution driven plan. The whole form chamber including the cinches and screw are Stainless Steel, guaranteeing prevalent conductivity, predictable association, and superb strength. Wind current enters the structure through double wide air openings with Cyclops-outline deliberately situated to sit underneath the clasps, balanced by means of the domed best top for a powerful stage. Incorporated into each set is an empty Stainless Steel 510 stick, adding flexibility to the GOON V1.5 with squonk-prepared ability. Completely suited for execution orientated manufacturers with easy to use functionalities, the GOON V1.5 RDA by 528 Custom epitomizes the ideal adjust of goal-oriented and top notch craftsmanship.

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GOON V1.5 RDA Features:

  • 24mm Diameter
  • Deep Juice Well
  • Vacuum-Plated Stainless Steel Construction
  • Innovative Two-Post Bridge Clamp Design
  • Stainless Steel Bridge Post
  • Stainless Steel Clamps
  • Secured via Stainless Steel Phillips & Flathead Screws
  • PEEK Insulators
  • Replaceable Positive and Negative Bridges
  • 6mm Widebore Drip Tip
  • Dual Slotted Cyclops Airflow - AFC via Knurled Top Cap
  • Domed Top Cap 
  • Triple Air-slot on Each Side
  • Iconic GOON Engravings
  • Stainless Steel Squonk-Ready 510 Pin
  • Copper-Plated 510 Connection


  • 1 GOON V1.5 RDA
  • 1 Squonk-Ready Bottom Feeding Pin
  • 1 Hex Allen Key
  • Spare Parts & O-Rings

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